Luca & Vic.

Luca & Vic is located in the heart of Singapore’s cultural art street, Haji Lane.

Established with the belief that there’s a kid in everyone, we stock affordable quality fun made exclusive.

Luca & Vic is a playground for the young and young-at-heart. From little stickers to metallic pedal cars to wind-up toys, there’s something for everyone. Splashed in a coat of vibrant lilac purple since end 2015, we stand out amongst the minimalists on the street where we started. Engaging passers-by with our eye-catching store front, we grab the crowd by their heartstrings as the parents reminisce over old toys they used to play with while the young immerse themselves in new ones. We are committed to creating enjoyable times in our store and we encourage those who step in to create their own to last.

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